The Barns of Whidbey Island

  • Whidbey Island Fine Arts Studio 813 Edgecliff Drive Langley, WA, 98260 United States

When I paint an old barn, I see it as part of the landscape. Over its long-life trees, shrubs and vines have reached up to claim it as one of their own. I also approach the barn as a portrait artist. I am looking for the all the unique little things that make that structure an individual.

During this comprehensive class, we will spend time in the studio and outdoors. Beside all the challenges that are specifically related to painting barns I will also introduce the concepts that make any landscape painting successful. Here is a list a few things that the class will cover. 

  • The basic elements of the landscape
  • How to compose a landscape both in the field and in the studio
  • A process for mixing and matching color
  • The skillful use of photographs in studio work (How to make them help and not hurt your finished work)

The price is $550 dollars.