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The Snowy Landscape–Start to Finish

The class size is limited to 18 students.

During this online class, It's my goal to share my process for painting the landscape from start to finish with a focus on the unique challenges of painting snow.

The workshop will be live on Zoom, but following the presentation, you will be able to download it to your computer or access it whenever you want by utilizing a private link on YouTube.

The class will be live for these hours depending on your time zone:

  • 11 AM - 1 PM    EST
  • 10 AM - 12 PM CST
  • 9 AM - 11 AM   MST
  • 8 AM - 10 AM   PST

Here is what you will get if you sign up:

  • 6 hours of live coaching
  • A demonstration that you can DOWNLOAD and watch over and over.
  • 15 minutes a day of live one-on-one coaching

  • A PDF illustrating my process that you can print and use for notes

  • A source photo to reference while painting
  • A final group critique
  • Most importantly: my process for creating a finished landscape painting
  • More goodies––but this list is getting long.

Supply List

Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions. My number is (802) 349-3831.


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