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Sold outParting GlanceParting Glance
Parting Glance Sale price$880.00
Sold outPenelope and Company, 36x36 inchesPenelope and Company, 36x36 inches
Sold outTom's Herd
Tom's Herd Sale price$1,280.00
Sold outMountain's Shadow
Mountain's Shadow Sale price$2,480.00
Sold outAbove the Clouded Sky
Above the Clouded Sky Sale price$1,380.00
Sold outFaded Memories
Faded Memories Sale price$980.00
Sold outOld General Washington
Old General Washington Sale price$1,480.00
Sold outA Gentle Evening
A Gentle Evening Sale price$1,480.00
Sold outLumber in the Valley
Lumber in the Valley Sale price$980.00
Sold outA Perfect Morning
A Perfect Morning Sale price$780.00
Sold outThe CouncilThe Council
The Council Sale price$8,300.00
Sold outIn the Long Grass
In the Long Grass Sale price$1,980.00
Sold outMatriarchMatriarch
Matriarch Sale price$1,180.00
Sold outChickadeeChickadee
Chickadee Sale price$780.00
Sold outIn the LightIn the Light
In the Light Sale price$1,880.00
Sold outAnneliese
Anneliese Sale price$3,980.00
Sold outMonday's PastureMonday's Pasture
Monday's Pasture Sale price$1,480.00
Sold outSunlightSunlight
Sunlight Sale price$2,980.00
Sold outBlack Ram
Black Ram Sale price$2,980.00
Sold outZornZorn
Zorn Sale price$580.00
Sold outMerino RamMerino Ram
Merino Ram Sale price$580.00
Sold outBlue PenelopeBlue Penelope
Blue Penelope Sale price$580.00
Sold outBlack and WhiteBlack and White
Black and White Sale price$580.00
Sold outBacklightBacklight
Backlight Sale price$580.00
Sold outTeal LightTeal Light
Teal Light Sale price$580.00
Sold outDutch LightDutch Light
Dutch Light Sale price$580.00
Sold outTwinsTwins
Twins Sale price$780.00
Sold outFrank's EweFrank's Ewe
Frank's Ewe Sale price$1,480.00
Sold outEleanorEleanor
Eleanor Sale price$1,980.00
Sold outJobyJoby
Joby Sale price$580.00
Sold outPortrait of a EwePortrait of a Ewe
Portrait of a Ewe Sale price$1,580.00
Sold outPenelope and CompanyPenelope and Company
Penelope and Company Sale price$880.00
Sold outOne to WatchOne to Watch
One to Watch Sale price$980.00
Sold outRobyn's RamRobyn's Ram
Robyn's Ram Sale price$1,480.00
Sold outUntrodden Way
Untrodden Way Sale price$5,480.00
Sold outBorder Leicester
Border Leicester Sale price$1,780.00
Sold outLady Anne
Lady Anne Sale price$1,780.00
Sold outRambouillet's Portrait
Rambouillet's Portrait Sale price$1,480.00
Sold outA Bigger Flock
A Bigger Flock Sale price$980.00
Sold outSilver
Silver Sale price$1,480.00
Sold outIn the RhododendronsIn the Rhododendrons
In the Rhododendrons Sale price$580.00
Sold outWatchfulWatchful
Watchful Sale price$780.00
Sold outPassing GlowPassing Glow
Passing Glow Sale price$1,480.00
Sold outBlack Sheep PortraitBlack Sheep Portrait
Black Sheep Portrait Sale price$1,380.00
Sold outBackyard SheepBackyard Sheep
Backyard Sheep Sale price$3,880.00
Sold outAll is BrightAll is Bright
All is Bright Sale price$2,280.00
Sold outOld CoupleOld Couple
Old Couple Sale price$1,380.00
Sold outGlanceGlance
Glance Sale price$580.00