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Sold out"Shady Green Pastures" Limited Edition Print
Sold outPenelope and Company, 36x36 inchesPenelope and Company, 36x36 inches
Sold outThe CouncilThe Council
The Council Sale price$8,300.00
Sold outAnneliese
Anneliese Sale price$3,980.00
Sold outAndover Flock
Andover Flock Sale price$3,980.00
Sold outBackyard SheepBackyard Sheep
Backyard Sheep Sale price$3,880.00
Sold outSunlightSunlight
Sunlight Sale price$2,980.00
Sold outIn the Long Grass
In the Long Grass Sale price$1,980.00
Sold outEleanorEleanor
Eleanor Sale price$1,980.00
Sold outIn the LightIn the Light
In the Light Sale price$1,880.00
Sold outBorder Leicester
Border Leicester Sale price$1,780.00
Sold outLady Anne
Lady Anne Sale price$1,780.00
Sold outPortrait of a EwePortrait of a Ewe
Portrait of a Ewe Sale price$1,580.00
Sold outMonday's PastureMonday's Pasture
Monday's Pasture Sale price$1,480.00
Sold outFrank's EweFrank's Ewe
Frank's Ewe Sale price$1,480.00
Sold outRobyn's RamRobyn's Ram
Robyn's Ram Sale price$1,480.00
Sold outRambouillet's Portrait
Rambouillet's Portrait Sale price$1,480.00
Sold outSilver
Silver Sale price$1,480.00
Sold outBlack Sheep PortraitBlack Sheep Portrait
Black Sheep Portrait Sale price$1,380.00
Sold outMatriarchMatriarch
Matriarch Sale price$1,180.00
Sold outOne to WatchOne to Watch
One to Watch Sale price$980.00
Sold outLast Year's Lamb and EweLast Year's Lamb and Ewe
Last Year's Lamb and Ewe Sale price$980.00
Sold outPenelope and CompanyPenelope and Company
Penelope and Company Sale price$880.00
Sold outTwinsTwins
Twins Sale price$780.00
Sold outWatchfulWatchful
Watchful Sale price$780.00
Sold outZornZorn
Zorn Sale price$580.00
Sold outMerino RamMerino Ram
Merino Ram Sale price$580.00
Sold outBlue PenelopeBlue Penelope
Blue Penelope Sale price$580.00
Sold outBacklightBacklight
Backlight Sale price$580.00
Sold outTeal LightTeal Light
Teal Light Sale price$580.00
Sold outDutch LightDutch Light
Dutch Light Sale price$580.00
Sold outJobyJoby
Joby Sale price$580.00
Sold out"Twins" Limited Edition Print"Twins" Limited Edition Print
Sold out"Penelope and Company" Fine Art Print
Sold out"The Council" Fine Art Print"The Council" Fine Art Print
"The Council" Fine Art Print Sale priceFrom $98.00
Sold out"Untrodden Way" Fine Art Print
"Untrodden Way" Fine Art Print Sale priceFrom $88.00
Sold out"Cool Splendor" Fine Art Print
"Cool Splendor" Fine Art Print Sale priceFrom $78.00
Sold out"Judy's Sunflowers" Fine Art Print
Sold out"Snow in the Cove" Fine Art Print
"Snow in the Cove" Fine Art Print Sale priceFrom $98.00
Sold out"Compliments" Fine Art Print
"Compliments" Fine Art Print Sale priceFrom $48.00
Sold out"Passing Glow" Fine Art Print
Sold out"Winter Break" Fine Art Print
Sold out"At the Edge of Winter" Fine Art Print
Sold out"Chickadee" Fine Art Print