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"Shady Green Pastures" Limited Edition Print
Sold outFaded Memories
Faded Memories Sale price$980.00
Sold out"Twins" Limited Edition Print"Twins" Limited Edition Print
Sold outLumber in the Valley
Lumber in the Valley Sale price$980.00
Sold outA Perfect Morning
A Perfect Morning Sale price$780.00
Sold outChickadeeChickadee
Chickadee Sale price$780.00
Sold outZornZorn
Zorn Sale price$580.00
Sold outMerino RamMerino Ram
Merino Ram Sale price$580.00
Sold outBlue PenelopeBlue Penelope
Blue Penelope Sale price$580.00
Sold outBlack and WhiteBlack and White
Black and White Sale price$580.00
Sold outBacklightBacklight
Backlight Sale price$580.00
Sold outTeal LightTeal Light
Teal Light Sale price$580.00
Sold outDutch LightDutch Light
Dutch Light Sale price$580.00
Sold outTwinsTwins
Twins Sale price$780.00
Sold outJobyJoby
Joby Sale price$580.00
Sold outParting GlanceParting Glance
Parting Glance Sale price$880.00
Sold outPenelope and CompanyPenelope and Company
Penelope and Company Sale price$880.00
Sold outOne to WatchOne to Watch
One to Watch Sale price$980.00
Sold outA Bigger Flock
A Bigger Flock Sale price$980.00
Sold outIn the RhododendronsIn the Rhododendrons
In the Rhododendrons Sale price$580.00
Sold outWatchfulWatchful
Watchful Sale price$780.00
Sold outGlanceGlance
Glance Sale price$580.00
Sold outAnticipating TwilightAnticipating Twilight
Anticipating Twilight Sale price$580.00
Sold outFleetingFleeting
Fleeting Sale price$780.00
Sold outMorning PerchMorning Perch
Morning Perch Sale price$580.00
Sold outSleekSleek
Sleek Sale price$680.00
Sold outWinter's SmileWinter's Smile
Winter's Smile Sale price$580.00
Sold outSummer Greens
Summer Greens Sale price$580.00
Sold outLast Year's Lamb and EweLast Year's Lamb and Ewe
Last Year's Lamb and Ewe Sale price$980.00
Sold outAndover Flock (8x10 inches)Andover Flock (8x10 inches)
Andover Flock (8x10 inches) Sale price$780.00
Sold outPattern and ChaosPattern and Chaos
Pattern and Chaos Sale price$580.00
Sold outGreen HarmonyGreen Harmony
Green Harmony Sale price$980.00
Sold outFarmlandFarmland
Farmland Sale price$780.00
Sold outPunctualityPunctuality
Punctuality Sale price$780.00
Sold outThe HeraldThe Herald
The Herald Sale price$780.00
Sold outSpring ShowersSpring Showers
Spring Showers Sale price$580.00
Sold outIn the Glowing LeavesIn the Glowing Leaves
In the Glowing Leaves Sale price$980.00
Sold outSeasons Pass BySeasons Pass By
Seasons Pass By Sale price$580.00
Sold outAfternoon PerchAfternoon Perch
Afternoon Perch Sale price$680.00
Sold outAt the Edge of Winter
At the Edge of Winter Sale price$980.00
Sold outIn PassingIn Passing
In Passing Sale price$780.00
Sold outNovember ShadowNovember Shadow
November Shadow Sale price$780.00
Sold outMaximilian's Table PrintMaximilian's Table Print
Maximilian's Table Print Sale price$138.00
Sold outMore than EnoughMore than Enough
More than Enough Sale price$780.00
Sold outAt RestAt Rest
At Rest Sale price$980.00
Sold outOld and New PrintOld and New Print
Old and New Print Sale price$148.00
Sold outWhere the Moon Rose print The “small” print is exactly half the size of the original. This print will add class to a hundred places in your home. It’s perfect for bookshelves, kitchens, hallways and collages..   Small size: 12 x 20 inches, ( includes white border ) Image size: 9 x 18 inches. (frame is not included)
Where the Moon Rose print Sale priceFrom $78.00