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Sold out"At the Edge of Winter" Fine Art Print
Sold out"Chickadee" Fine Art Print
Sold out"Compliments" Fine Art Print
"Compliments" Fine Art Print Sale priceFrom $48.00
Sold out"Cool Splendor" Fine Art Print
"Cool Splendor" Fine Art Print Sale priceFrom $78.00
Sold out"Judy's Sunflowers" Fine Art Print
Sold out"Passing Glow" Fine Art Print
Sold out"Penelope and Company" Fine Art Print
Sold out"Shady Green Pastures" Limited Edition Print
Sold out"Snow in the Cove" Fine Art Print
"Snow in the Cove" Fine Art Print Sale priceFrom $98.00
Sold out"The Council" Fine Art Print"The Council" Fine Art Print
"The Council" Fine Art Print Sale priceFrom $98.00
Sold out"Twins" Limited Edition Print"Twins" Limited Edition Print
Sold out"Untrodden Way" Fine Art Print
"Untrodden Way" Fine Art Print Sale priceFrom $88.00
Sold out"Winter Break" Fine Art Print
Sold out100 Years Young
100 Years Young Sale price$1,380.00
Sold outA Bigger Flock
A Bigger Flock Sale price$980.00
Sold outA Gentle Evening
A Gentle Evening Sale price$1,480.00
Sold outA Perfect Morning
A Perfect Morning Sale price$780.00
Sold outAbove the Clouded Sky
Above the Clouded Sky Sale price$1,380.00
Sold outAcross the FieldAcross the Field
Across the Field Sale price$1,380.00
Sold outAfternoon PerchAfternoon Perch
Afternoon Perch Sale price$680.00
Sold outAll is BrightAll is Bright
All is Bright Sale price$2,280.00
Sold outAndover Flock
Andover Flock Sale price$3,980.00
Sold outAndover Flock (8x10 inches)Andover Flock (8x10 inches)
Andover Flock (8x10 inches) Sale price$780.00
Sold outAnneliese
Anneliese Sale price$3,980.00
Sold outAnticipating TwilightAnticipating Twilight
Anticipating Twilight Sale price$580.00
Sold outArmadaArmada
Armada Sale price$13,500.00
Sold outAt RestAt Rest
At Rest Sale price$980.00
Sold outAt the Edge of Winter
At the Edge of Winter Sale price$980.00
Sold outBacklightBacklight
Backlight Sale price$580.00
Sold outBackyard SheepBackyard Sheep
Backyard Sheep Sale price$3,880.00
Sold outBeautiful Penelope
Beautiful Penelope Sale price$1,980.00
Sold outBelleBelle
Belle Sale price$1,980.00
Sold outBirchBirch
Birch Sale price$6,500.00
Sold outBlack and WhiteBlack and White
Black and White Sale price$580.00
Sold outBlack Ram
Black Ram Sale price$2,980.00
Sold outBlack Sheep PortraitBlack Sheep Portrait
Black Sheep Portrait Sale price$1,380.00
Sold outBlue PenelopeBlue Penelope
Blue Penelope Sale price$580.00
Sold outBluebird's NestBluebird's Nest
Bluebird's Nest Sale price$1,180.00
Sold outBorder Leicester
Border Leicester Sale price$1,780.00
Sold outButtermilk FallsButtermilk Falls
Buttermilk Falls Sale price$1,280.00
Sold outChariots in the SkyChariots in the Sky
Chariots in the Sky Sale price$680.00
Sold outChickadeeChickadee
Chickadee Sale price$780.00
Sold outClass Four RoadClass Four Road
Class Four Road Sale price$780.00
COMING IN Sale price$1,480.00
Sold outDecember FlockDecember Flock
December Flock Sale price$2,280.00
Sold outDutch LightDutch Light
Dutch Light Sale price$580.00
Sold outEleanorEleanor
Eleanor Sale price$1,980.00
Sold outFaded Memories
Faded Memories Sale price$980.00